Monday, March 22, 2010

Djanogly and his current expenses!

I would have thought with all the problems over his expenses, Jonathan would have been keeping up to date with his expenses. This was a promise given by David Cameron that all the Shadow Ministers should publish their expenses. But Djanoglys' expenses have been static since 18th January 2010.
Another Shadow Minister, Grant Shapps, is very happy to update his expenses on
Indeed Djanogly's leader, David Cameron, updates his expenses claims.
Could it be that this blog is having such an effect on Djanogly and his campaign that it has been decided not to publish any more expenses? It was this blog that pointed out that Djanogly claimed for a leaflet that has never seem my doormat?

There is also the issue of rent for Djanogly's constituency office. As I found out Djanogly is paying to HCCA £592.00 a month in rent. But this hasn't been published on Djanoglys' expenses. Look no further than Grant Shapps MP and accounts for the rent he pays for his constituency office.
I just think it is time that Djanogly came forward with his expenses rather than being all SECRET about publicly funded expenses.

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