Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Grant Shapps is now following this blog via twitter

I was very surprised that a friend of Jonathan Djanogly MP has started following this blog via twitter. All I have to say is welcome. Grant Shapps MP is currently the Conservative Shadow Minister for Housing. An up and coming star, Shapps was elected to Parliament to represent the constituency of Welwyn Hatfield in 2005. Shapps beat a Minister, Melanie Johnson to win the seat. Looking at the evidence Shapps and the Conservatives have done very well. Welwyn Hatfield used to be a Labour stronghold but Shapps turned this around.
There are big differences between Shapps and Djanogly.

Shapps lives in his constituency. Djanogly's main home is in London and his weekend retreat is in the constituency.
Shapps engages with his electors through the use of a website, forum, youtube and twitter. Djanogly has a website.
Shapps doesn't have a second home. Djanogly has his main home in London and his second constituency home in Alconbury.
Shapps and his fellow Conservatives go campaigning. Djanogly hardly gets out to campaign.
Shapps is copying Cameron with a series of Unscripted Events. The best we got was Djanogly is a Conservative member only meeting.

When the local Conservatives use the term "hard working MP" I think of Grant Shapps. In comparison with Grant Shapps, our MP Jonathan Djanogly looks third rate.

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