Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My comments on letters in the Hunts Post 24/03/10

My comments on the letters in this weeks Hunts Post.

Council just plugging cash gaps - Jon Mountfort has got this wrong. There is no such thing as "Free Parking". Someone has to pay. It is either the user or Council tax payer.
1. Business rates go to the Government. So more money in rates only helps the Government.
2. If people are driving to Bedford, Peterborough or Cambridge to avoid a 20 pence parking charge they have more money than sense.
3. The Car Parks will still need to be monitored and maintained. Who pays for this? Why the Council Taxpayer!
The reason Whittlesey or Chatteris don't charge is the Council Taxpayer picks up the bill. A bill of £410,000. On the otherhand the HDC uses revenue to subsidise other services to the tune of £526,000. If car parks are made "Free", in Huntingdonshire, this will lose all the revenue and add the costs as per Fenland. This will roughly add an extra £1 million to the massive deficit of £6.1 million that Conservative run HDC has no idea how to deal with!

Toilet Troubles - Barbara Brett shows how sometimes the voluntary sector can be slower than Councils. Where have the H and G Civic Society been? A week to go before the closure and they come forward. The whole reason behind the closures is the massive budget deficit which HDC is running.

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