Monday, March 1, 2010

Labour Party and Hinchingbrooke Hospital

How comes the Labour Party and its supporters get away with all this. I do remember the 1997 Labour slogan "24 hours to save the NHS". Blair wasn't scrutinised of what this actually meant back then. 13 years on Labour and we can all see what the "24 hours" slogan actually means. Labour has presided over a massive privatisation of the NHS. Whilst Unison is opposed to the franchise process it is the Labour Government that Unison supports which is imposing this franchising requirement.
Unison gives loads of money to Labour. Just looking on the Electoral Commission website this gives just under £16 million over 9 years in reportable donations. So Unison members are giving money to the in Government Labour Party which runs this policy.

Looking at the local Labour website there is nothing being said in defence of the NHS run Hinchingbrooke Hospital. Indeed the silence extends to the Labour Party Parliamentary candidate Anthea Cox. Labour Government Policy is about "franchising" hospitals in trouble. This is the basic problem for Labour supporters. This Labour Government is intent on knocking out the social support of Council tenancies and privatising the NHS.

I find it hypocritical of Labour supporting and financing Unison to call on the very Labour Government who imposed this franchise arrangement to now step in to keep the hospital NHS run. Obviously, this is how Unison operates. It tells its members and the public it is all the fault of the Strategic Health Authority when in reality it is the very Labour Government Unison finances and supports that has imposed franchising.

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Anonymous said...

The CWU have restricted their Labour expenditure to affilation fees only,looking very unlikley they will help fund Labour's general election campaign due to lack of action on RMG pension fund deficit.