Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A blow to the St Neots Conservatives! or the end of a pantomime?

As the 11 members of the St Neots Conservative Councillors Group (SNCCG) lick their wounds from the little battle over free 3 hours at the Riverside Car Park. The cabinet has decided to go with the free 38 spaces and 20 pence an hour with Sunday free all day instead.

I see Cllr Churchill and Cllr Hansard voted for their fellow members of the SNCCG who wanted the free 3 hours option.

To me this whole Conservative effort is pure spin. The Conservatives are doing something unpopular (nothing wrong in that) and the local Conservative Councillors don't want the blame. So we go through the pantomime of the decision being called in by the Overview and Scrutiny Committee before being sent back to Cabinet who just say no change. Now we are going to get the crocodile tears as the big bad cabinet hasn't changed the decision.

If this is such a bad decision the only option open is to resign from the Conservative Group in protest. So far none have gone. I'll be very surprised is anyone does. This is a pantomime and no one resigns in a pantomime.


Anonymous said...

It's worth noting that the voting was done by show of hands. This rather conveniently means it's unlikely anyone will know who actually vote in favour and who voted against.

Dave said...

I was there. So I noted who voted which way on each vote.