Sunday, March 7, 2010

The 2010 Political Gnome Awards Evening

Welcome to the St Neots Gnomes Evening

There has been intensive musings over who should receive each award and so we start the evening off with the best local newspaper. 

Best Local Newspaper: 1. News and Crier 2. Hunts Post.
And the winner is: News and Crier. 

Moving onto the next category the Best MP for St Neots. Unfortunately no nominations we received so no winner of this award.
Best MP:
No Award Made This Year.

Next is the award for Best Town Councillor. After much reflection it has been decided to make the award.

Best Town Councillor: 1. Steve van de Kerkhove. 2. Barry Chapman
And the winner is: Steve van de Kerkhove

The next category is best District Councillor. There are two nominations but the committee has be decided not to make an award this year.

Best District Councillor: 1. Cllr Gordon Thorpe 2. Cllr Andrew Gilbert

No award given.

Moving to the controversial category of best political scandal of 2009. There are many different scandals but only 3 were nominated.

Best Political Scandal: 1. St Neots Town Council First Damning Report. 2. Jonathan Djanogly paying back £25,000. 3. St Neots Town Council Second Damning Report.
And the winner is: St Neots Town Council for the first damning audit report of 2009.

Now we have the next category which the between the newly elected Catherine Hutton and Ken Churchill

Best County Councillor: 1. Catherine Hutton. 2. Ken Churchill
And the winner is: Catherine Hutton

Moving onto the next category. The Committee decided after reviewing the category and nominations to change the title of the category. Notable is the HDC missing much to do with the budget deficit in District Wide but St Neots Town Council and the Priorities magazine missed two damning reports into the Town Council.

Best Council Communication Propaganda: 1. St Neots Town Council. 2. Huntingdon District Council. 3. Cambridgeshire County Council.
And the winner is: St Neots Town Council.

Special Awards Nominations:

For wasting money: 1. HDC on spending £573,000 doing up toilets and then closing them down. 2. Spending £2,800 on leaflets about Djanogly from Parliamentary expenses that have yet to be delivered.
Winner: Huntingdonshire District Council for wasting money on toilets.

Local website award: 1. St Neots Conservatives 2. St Neots Liberal Democrats.
Winner: St Neots Liberal Democrats for still having their main page written in 2008

For not resigning after a scandal: 1. Jonathan Djanogly for his expenses. 2. Cllr Derek Giles for two damning reports into the Town Council.
Winner: Cllr Derek Giles for his leadership of the Town Council which ended up in two damning audit reports.

Local Council websites: 1. St Neots Town Council  2. Huntingdonshire District Council
Winner: St Neots Town Council for taking the site down and not updating the site for what seems ages.

Best Local election leaflet during 2009 local elections: 1. Conservatives  2. Liberal Democrats
Winner: Liberal Democrats for their leaflet County Election leaflet.

Well that is it. The first award ceremony has come to the end. Good night and god bless.

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MCornish said...

Nice to get a bit of recognition - especially after the Hunts Post beat us at the (clearly less important) EDF Awards recently.

Now where do I collect my gnome from?