Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hunts Post denies valid candidate a voice!

I see on Twitter that The Hunts Post is denying Lord Toby Jug a place on the stage for their special election debate. Why not. Didn't he beat Labour into last place at the County Elections in 2009! Looking at the Euro Vote if the loonies aren't allowed then Labour shouldn't be either. The Euro result was Conservative, UKIP, Liberal Democrats, Green, Labour. The Labour vote squeaked in just above the BNP.

If the Hunts Post is going to ditch candidates with no hope they should start with Anthea Cox. As Anthea has no hope of winning the Huntingdon Constituency.

I feel all the candidates should be invited and not discriminate against the loonies.


RubyB said...

Maybe the people of Huntingdon will have noticed Anthea Cox campaigning on their behalf. Haven't seen his Lordship out yet - unless you know differently!

Anonymous said...

Maybe the good people of Huntingdon have seen Ms Cox campaigning on their behalf. Not heard much from his Lordship. But should not be excluded, let's hear from them all

Anonymous said...

Anthea has the advantage of a well funded and very large party machine behind her to enable her to campaign and do all the tasks expected of a PPC.Same with Tory and Lib Dem parties

The other parties dont have this so it is harder to make a impact especailly when the activist base is so very small and funds almost non exisint.