Saturday, March 20, 2010

My comments on letters in the News and Crier 18/3/10

My comments on some of the letters in this weeks News and Crier.

Slating other parties is a voter turn off - Andy Thorogood makes a good point about Anthea Cox's letter on Women's Day. I do feel that many parties have done things wrong. The problem is this is all the Labour candidate can do, if she writes her own letters.

Power share won't work - Cllr Jeff Dutton makes a good case for not voting Liberal Democrat. But the polls point to a Conservative win and a substantial one at that. Whether Huntingdon returns a Conservative or not, will not make a jot of difference to if Cameron forms a Conservative Government. What Huntingdon constituency electors have to decide is whether we want Djanogly to continue representing us. The Conservatives must be worried after the Fenstanton by-election defeat.

Town Council not to blame - Mrs P Thorpe (related to Gordon?) is right that HDC should be taking the flack over their decision rather than SNTC. With HDC facing £6.1 million of cuts petitions are going to do much.

Don't raid our budget again - Cllr Les Roberts is right about HDC and its relationship with SNTC. Les is right about the £30,000 of extra expense SNTC taking on. This is £30,000 that St Neots Council Taxpayer will have to pay. I have a bit of news for Cllr Roberts. This is the first of many raids on the Town Council budgets.

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