Monday, March 15, 2010

BAM Nuttall angered at release of report! - Why?

In this weeks News and Crier there is a piece about BAM Nuttall being angered that Cambridgeshire County Council released a report. Why are they angered? This is a project paid out of taxpayers money and we, the people, should be told what is being done for us. Too many contracts are kept secret for "commercial reasons" though these reasons are rarely expanded upon.

The Conservatives at national level want these contracts to be published. I find it a pity that CCC is selectively publishing information rather than just publishing everything.


Anonymous said...

Everyone would like to see the guided busway open as soon as possible, and I have been very frustrated not being told an opening date. However, I am glad the Council is making sure the contractor does the job they are being paid to do properly. We would all be on their back if the route had to close after it opens, and this would be at our cost as coulcil taxpayers.

I am pleased Cambridgeshire residents are being kept up to date about the status of the project and the Cabinet report make sure that is done. I found it really helpful. Yes, we can all urgue the Council should have published this earlier, but I can see that this would not have been helpful in their negotitions to get the contractor to complete the outstanding work using a partnership approach.

Let's us all just hope that the contractor sees sense and gets the job done. I can't wait to use the route.

snrednek said...

As with the MPs the sunshine of openness is a must not only with expenses but with contracts that are issued by public bodies. I feel the electorate has the right to know what is being done with their money rather than having the whole lot stamped with the get out clause of commercial confidentiality.

It is not as though all these documents aren't ready to be published. What is needed is the law to change to make all documents publicly available.