Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My comments on letters in The Hunts Post - 31/03/2010

It doesn't add up - Hanus Wolf is correct. What has happened is Conservative controlled HDC has moved you into SNTC. It s a pity that SNTC or EHPC didn't bother to inform residents of what was going on! Wouldn't it have been good for the annexed residents to get a welcome letter?

Against charges - Cllr Barry Chapman goes on the offensive. The open question I do have for Cllr Chapman is when was the Conservative petition presented? I can't find this at the 16th March Cabinet Meeting. Other minutes have yet to be issued.

Over the odds - Michael Van de Kerkhove is the right in having a go at the local Conservatives. Time and again we are being let down by the self styled "St Neots Conservative Councillors". He is also right to point out the potential cartel which arises from "local competition". I see Djanogly has gone missing on this subject.

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