Friday, March 5, 2010

St Neots News and Crier - 04/03/2010 digital edition

Where is the justice - The problem in relying on one report is others can give different information. Alan Hart quotes from a short report in The Metro about a girl called Anna Hibben. In his letter he asserts the following:

She was travelling about 70 mph
She fled the scene

According to The Daily Telegraph the 70mph was in fact 57mph to 63 mph. This was bang on the speed limit. Nowhere was it reported Anna Hibben fled the scene. I don't know where this came from?

Neither of Alan Harts' assertions are true.

Anna Hibben was driving her boyfriend's car with her boyfriend sitting next to her. There is culpability on the boyfriends part for allowing an uninsured learner driver to get behind the wheel of his car. Another difference is Anna Hibben pleaded guilty to death by careless driving whilst Katie Hart was convicted at a trial of death by dangerous driving. This is the trouble with trying to compare one conviction with another.

I believe Anna Hibben should have gone to jail as I believe all people who are convicted of killing others should.

Lets debate council staff - Paul Dakers is writing lots in the local papers about HDC. The one thing that is missing is the recognition of the deficit being run by HDC.

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