Monday, March 22, 2010

Town Council Charities are still not reporting!

St Neots Town Council is custodian to some local charities. Whilst the Swimming Pool Trust is the one I'm most interested in, there are many other charities with local council connections.

The St Neots Swimming Pool Trust. - All Town Councillors are trustees. Town Council custodian. I Understand that Cllr Ursell is the Chairman of this Council Charity. So why are the annual report and accounts overdue?
This is not the first time. In the graphic below late reporting of annual report and accounts has a long history of happening with this council charging the charity £1,980 fro this privilege.
Link to the Charity Commission page for this charity.

There is another charity that is marked by indifference of St Neots Town Council.

The Eaton Socon Children's Playing Field - This charity is currently overdue.
There is also a history of late reporting to the Charity Commissioners.
Link to the Charity Commission page for this Charity.

Those are the two charities that are known to be associated with SNTC. The Town Council does nominate Councillors and others to various outside bodies. Some of these are charities. I took a look at how these are doing. The first is:

Eaton Socon Charities - This has the report and account for 2005 still over due.

The Town Council representatives are: Fiona Birks and Derek Giles.
Link to the Charity Commission page.

Eatons Community Association - This report has everything reported.
The Town Council representatives are: Fiona Birks and Julia Hayward.
Link to the Charity Commission page.

Eaton Socon Institute (Jubilee Hall) - This had a bad reporting history which has got better in recent years.
The Town Council representatives are: Gordon Thorpe and Diana Collins.

Newton and Hatley's School Foundation - A new one on me. Contributes to St Mary's C of E Primary School. Had a problem in 2005.

The Town Council representative is Jennifer Bird.
Link to the Charity Commission page.

The Pightle Millennium Green Trust - Still awaiting the 2006 report. The 2007 and 2008 were delivered late.
The Town Council representative is: Derek Giles.

St Neots Museum Limited - Reports and returns made on time.
The Town Council representatives are: Fiona Birks, Barry Chapman and Alan Cummings.

In looking up information I found the following charity which just hasn't reported at all. This charity owns the field where Eynesbury Rovers FC play. The charity seems to be run by Deryck Irons who is currently Parish Clerk to Eynesbury Hardwicke Parish Council and St Neot Rural Parish Council.
This Charity hasn't reported since 2004. How very bad.

There is not real reason not to inform The Charity Commission as all these reports and returns as they can all be done online.

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