Tuesday, March 16, 2010

An apology to Jonathan Djanogly

When looking up information about Djanoglys' expenses I have been looking here. These are all the receipts and claim forms that Djanogly has submitted. Whilst checking his expenses I found another database here which started in February 2010. On this database I found the following results to searches. This for 2008/09 and this for 2009/10.

As I have discovered Jonathan has been paying rent to the Huntingdon Constituency Conservative Association at the rate of £592.00 a calendar month or £7,104.00 a year. It is not as though I hadn't looked up the HCCA accounts which make no mention of a rent paid by the MP for HCCA offices. Nor does this rent appear on Djanoglys' expenses on Conservatives.com. Fellow MP Grant Shapps has rent on his published expenses. So why doesn't Djanogly?

I therefore apologise to Jonathan Djanogly MP because I made the assertion that he wasn't paying rent for the offices he occupied at HCCA. As new information has come to light I realise that I am wrong in this instance. I had made an assertion because I couldn't find the evidence as it wasn't published. As it has now been published I have apologised and corrected the information here.


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