Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Getting out of the pool of despair

One of the consequences of the HRC selling St Neots Campus is the blockage for the redevelopment of the area is removed. Now the Swimming Pool Trust can start planning to sell the land and for a new Open Air Swimming Pool facility! 

The planning is already there. The land is going to have a health centre and some housing. That is, of course, if the money raised will be spent on an open air swimming pool.

I quote: "The council plans to choose a site big enough to accommodate a gym and a cafĂ©. It is hoped that the revenue provided by the gym will cover some of the costs of the swimming pool."

Unlike the ECC with the pre-school, which is a waste of money, the Town Council should stick to just building an open air pool. Let other provide those services.

Even today the Town Council/Swimming Pool Trust can't get documents in on line. They have a history of being late!

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