Friday, March 26, 2010

St Neots Liberal Democrats v Freedom of Information

I find it very funny, in a disturbing way, that our Liberal Democrat run Town Council doesn't like Freedom of Information. Looking on Google I found the Liberal Democrats go on and on about Freedom of Information. Banners like:

There is also a section on: Strengthening Freedom of Information.

Yet at a local level the Liberal Democrats on SNTC stopping Freedom of Information by denying requests. Looking on ICO website I found an FOI request dating back to 27th March 2009.
This is about the Xmas Lights Investigation. An FOI request shouldn't take this long. So what is the Liberal Democrat SNTC doing? It seems to be the national policy is for Freedom of Information. The local policy seems to be to DENY Freedom of Information.

Having read up on the Muck and Brass blog about how Somerton Town Council resorted to solicitors to deny FOI requests I wonder if the St Neots Town Council is doing the same? Maybe this is why minutes and agendas are missing from the SNTC website!

I thought the secret SNTC was over when Julia Hayward replaced Derek Giles. Obviously I was wrong. Secrecy is the way of life at SNTC and the freedom loving Liberal Democrats are NOT doing much about it!

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Anonymous said...

Who Knows.

But in the past when I have had to deal with such incidents, Some infomation cannot be released until all legal ramifications or comercially sensitive data have been dealt with.