Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Djanogly and his expenses if re-elected

I've had a quick read through the ISPA publication on future MPs' expenses. Whilst there are many changes these don't necessarily apply to Djanogly if he get re-elected.

The first change I came across is about an MPs office. An MP will be restricted in the number of employees is 3.5. Read it again. MP plus 3.5 staff plus interns. So when people talk and write about our MP being "hard working" remember he 3.5 staff behind him doing most of the mundane work.
Also part of the reforms is the restriction so an MP can only employ one "connected party"or family member. As the electors don't know who works at his office this may or may not affect Djanogly.

We do know Djanogly employs interns, they will now have to be made with a standard contract by IPSA. As these aren't currently published 

The Constituency Office sees some changes with an allowance of £10,663 including utilities. As Djanogly rents his office from HCCA (currently £592 pm or £7,104 pa) there will need to be an independent valuation to ensure this is at market rates.

Second Home Expenses becomes very restrictive. Djanogly "owns" his luxury 5 floor semi in Little Venice, London and his second home situated in the Constituency. So he won't be getting any money for theseCleaning, Gardening, Furniture purchases or maintenance is were what most of Djanoglys' published claims were for. These have been banned from the new Parliament onwards.

If re-elected Djanogly won't be claiming much. Much of what he claimed for has been stopped. The reality is if Djanogly is re-elected he can put much of what has gone on behind him. 

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