Friday, July 16, 2010

What a mucking fuddle

I wrote to Peter Downes, Leader of the Liberal Democrats on HDC, asking him about what is the Liberal Democrats Group policy towards Car Parking in St Neots. So did I get a reply from Peter Downes? Well no. My e-mail was passed onto Martin Land - who is not a Councillor or anything to do with The District Group. Martin Land informed me that local policy is made by the local branch. Hmmm! Martin also informed me that once the Liberal Democrats gained a majority they would reverse this charge!

This is a very weird set up. In essence, the St Neots branch decides policy for the rest of the Liberal Democrats. That is fundamentally undemocratic as this is a small minority of Huntingdonshire taking a decision which will effect the majority.

If this local branch policy is therefore HDC Liberal Democrat Group policy, shouldn't have the Liberal Democrat Group Leader, Peter Downes, been able to answer this question himself? I wonder why he didn't?

These are essentially the same St Neots Liberal Democrats who promised much in the SNTC Forward Plan Mark 1 and yet reneged on many major points. How can they guarantee they won't do the same on this "promise"?

To ensure I get this right I have written to Peter Downes again. I hope I get a reply from him this time around. Passing this to Martin Land just makes me feel Peter Downes and HDC Liberal Democrat Group don't want to make this commitment.

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