Friday, July 9, 2010

The Cuts Letters - My Comments

Three ways to start the savings - M R Lovell tries to have a go at HDC but misses the points entirely.

1. Street light are a County Council responsibility.
2. The cemetery or closed cemetery is down to the Town Council.
3. As for picking up headstones and clearing up glass, many of these workers are there to do a job. The trouble is once this is done once then it becomes expected. This isn't their jobs.

So no real cuts in this letter. Just an badly aimed attack at HDC.

Clean up and enforce the laws - D. Porter decides the £5 million in savings means more money can be spent?! This is a cut in spending. Her rant does nothing to find where savings can be made! If the mess was outside my house I would clear it rather than bothering the Council over all this.

So no real cuts in this letter. Just an badly aimed attack at HDC.

Why should this be different - Pauline Webster starts off well in calling into question the record of consultations by HDC. So far HDC has done "not much". Where Pauline falls down is over the Job Centre. This was the Labour Government and not HDC which made the change. As for the new offices Megabucks would have not been saved by not building new offices. The Social Security and The Courts are again Labour Government projects. Pauline rants: "Do they believe we are all completely stupid and gullible?". The answer, with all these letters, has to be YES because people get so much wrong.

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