Thursday, July 15, 2010

Huntingdonshire strikes back

One point that is missed by the those who tell lies and untruths about the imposition of charges at Riverside Car Park is this is being read by the rest of Huntingdonshire. They tend to take a different view. In this weeks letter section of the News and Crier are a couple of good letters:

New Parking Charges are Fair Enough

- Simon Williams of Godmanchester makes some very good points about the reasonableness of the 20 pence and hour (Free on Sundays). Simon rubbishes the suggestion that people will go elsewhere and pay higher amounts in fuel charges and parking charges to miss out on the 20 pence charges.

- D W Steddy of Huntingdon also makes some very good points about the scale of parking charges here in Huntingdonshire (cheap) compared to the rest of the country (expensive). He also makes the point about the majority of money raised in Council Tax going to CCC.

The News and Crier continues in it series of letters that shows how ignorant some of the residents of St Neots are with a letter from:

- R T Watson of St Neots. In this letter entitled: Not surprised by the arrogance - Watson shows how ignorant St Neots residents actually are. His main argument is the cabinet are arrogant because they ignored the petition. What Watson ignores is £4.7 million deficit or the £6.1 million of cuts. HDC isn't arrogant. They are desperate!

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