Monday, July 26, 2010

More on the Riverside Car Park campaign

I thought I would take another trawl through this Facebook protest site to see what is being said. Last time I found lies and untruths. This time I found:
Steve says Town Councillors get no allowances or expenses.
In the Annual Accounts it says:
So they do get expenses!
And do any of them get an Allowance? Well the Town Mayor does!

Our Steve goes onto say:
But our Councillors don't get pensions on their allowances.

Then there is this statement:
These charges are opposed by St Neots Town Council, but are being forced in anyway
So what has SNTC got to do with all this? Does SNTC own the car park? No they don't. Someone thinks SNTC has bigger boots than they actually have!

And they still like linking to
For some reason the admin staff like linking to this site which contains lies, untruths and twisting of the truth. Why do they keep doing this? Or do the admin staff stand by Jon Mountfort's statements.

On last thing. The Facebook group is producing a leaflet. Below is a parody:

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Justin said...

Can I say I have never claimed allowances or expenses as a town councillor.

All my travelling and consumables have been from my own pocket.

Justin Cooper-Marsh