Saturday, July 17, 2010

Should the Town Council cut their budget by 25%?

With other councils having to cut their budgets by 25%, should SNTC do the same? CCC and HDC are both cutting services and employees to keep the Council Tax level. Some of these services could well be useful to St Neots. Who in St Neots will be able to take up these services?

St Neots Town Council will have to take up some of these services and run them. What I feel is this shouldn't mean a rise in Council Tax to pay for any of this. What SNTC should be doing now is plan to cut its budget by 25% so it can absorb any services that need to be continued.

If St Neots doesn't plan to cut its budget there will be problems when services are cut or closed by HDC which St Neots wants continued. Otherwise the Town Council part of the Council Tax will rise and rise dramatically.

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