Thursday, February 18, 2010

Concession offered in parking row.

So rash statements have been made in a piece on page 16 of this weeks News and Crier. This article is about the Riverside Car Park row.

The first rash statement is by Cllr Gordon Thorpe who says: " concern is the falling footfall in the Town Centre.".  John Davies of the Town Centre Initiative calls this into question on page 30 by saying the loss of footfall could be because the survey was taken when major roadworks caused traffic problems.

The second rash statement is by Cllr Farrer who said: "...he would consider going Independent if the 3 hours scheme did not go through.". Another loss to the Conservative numbers majority. He can't just go Independent at District level and stay with the Conservatives at County level. he would have to resign both whips. The likelihood is he wouldn't have a voice at Council as not being a member of a group will not allow Cllr Farrer to sit on Committees.

So lets look at the 3 hours free compromise proposal. At the moment the car park is free and therefore needs little supervision. The introduction of charges throughout the car park will mean much more supervision paid from income from charges. The introduction of 38 free spaces for 2 hour will need much more supervision to stop any dodging of charges. The 3 hour free for all the car park would mean much more supervision as the whole car park will need to be monitored. All this supervision costs and doesn't provide an income.

snrednek says: Either charge or don't charge. The trouble is the compromise could very well end up costing the Council Taxpayer more or means cuts elsewhere. The real problem behind all this is the inability of the Conservative run administration to set out a strategy to the residents and council taxpayers on the reduction plans needed to address the £6 million deficit.

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