Friday, February 5, 2010

Djanogly is OUT OF THE LOOP.

In a News and Crier article on the new page 3 Djanogly is asked to comment on the proposed car parking charges being imposed by HDC. The comments on this just shows how 'Out of the Loop' Djanogly is on local issues.

HUNTlNGDON MP Jonathan Dianogly
and Conservative said "I have not had any constituents or local politicians contact me on this issue which is of course a council matter and should properly be dealt with by the local council."

Very true. But this means your local Conservative Councillors haven't briefed you on this local issue. So Djanogly is 'Out of the Loop'.

“Having said that, I do hope that the town and district councils will co-ordinate and work together to find a suitable solution here. My view is that the relevant councils should sit round a table and sort the matter out based on the protected impact ot parking charges on revenue versus the possibility of lower footfall."

Not true. The Town Council has NOTHING to do with this decision. This is solely down to the Conservative run HDC. Again Djanogly hasn't been briefed on this local issue by local Conservative Councillors. So Djanogly is 'Out of the Loop'.

"Presumably this involves not only the decision to charge, but also the level of charge."

Well, if the local Conservatives Councillors had actually briefed Djanogly on this issue he wouldn't need to presume. Again Djanogly is 'Out of the Loop'.

"I have received none of the information to make that decision or take a view, although I am always open to listening to anyone who wishes to discuss the matter with me."

If Djanogly was in the loop he would be regularly briefed on what is going on locally and the issues which will cause problems. As Djanogly is 'Out of the Loop' he isn't being briefed by the local Conservatives. HCCA is on a downwards spiral. There seems to be no relationship between Djanogly and local Conservative Councillors.

I have to wonder why the local Conservatives stand up for Djanogly. Its not for the money. It is not for the influence. Really, is he the best candidate for the Huntingdon Conservatives? I don't think so!

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