Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sinking in the pool of despair!

As the Town Council/Swimming Pool Trust can't get the documents in on time I thought I would look at some quotes about the Open Air Swimming Pool from a couple of Trustees.

Councillor Derek Giles said: "Obviously, our first concern is to provide a new outdoor pool. We have identified Riversmead as the likely site, as it already hosts a number of leisure activities."
"In my opinion the new pool could be ready by summer 2009 as long as there no delays in planning."

The oracle that is Cllr Derek Giles was wrong again. There were no planning delays. So where is the swimming pool?

Cllr Giles said: "...who is also a member of the Swimming Pool Trust, says that a favourable deal has been struck to sell the old site on Huntingdon Street and that a replacement lido will be built on town council-owned land at Riversmead, near to St Neots Rugby Club."

Again Cllr Giles has jumped the gun with favourable deal! The land has yet to be sold and the lido built.

Cllr Ursell said:The Swimming Pool Trust only exists to provide a swimming pool in the town. St Neots will get a new pool.” 

The council plans to choose a site big enough to accommodate a gym and a café. It is hoped that the revenue provided by the gym will cover some of the costs of the swimming pool. So not all the money will go on a pool!

And who thought this idea up? Cllrs Giles and Thorpe? The former Town Clerk P. Devonald? This won't work. Where is the business plan? Time and again this council uses the casino to gamble on outcomes.

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