Thursday, February 18, 2010

Letters in The Hunts Post St Neots - 17/02/2010 digital edition

My comments on some of the letters in this weeks Hunts Post.

Losing Faith - Doug McIlwain is correct to point out the deficiency in the Prime Minister's proposal for a referendum on the Alternative Vote electoral system. The main problem is we have a top down democracy rather than a bottom up democracy. Time for a change.

Parking and Toilets - This is the same letter as appeared in the News and Crier last week. Now the Conservatives run HDC are closing the public conveniences with this budget will Cllr Farrer be voting for or against this budget?

A fine would be sufficient sentence - I'm not one to be overly cyclist friendly. I do cycle myself and I have spent much of my life driving for a living. When I read D Cole-Wilkin's letter I get a bit irate. Cyclists are road users too. They have every right to use the road as do other road users. Cyclists aren't the problem, the motorists have to alert to other road users.

The A1 is a fast road. The speed limit for car/motorcycles/cycles is 70mph. The term speed limit means the maximum speed you can do on a road. There is no minimum. Road/traffic condition will dictate a slower safer speed when necessary. Each road user has a duty of care to all other road users.

I disagree with D Cole-Wilkin. Just a fine for killing someone is wrong. Prison is the only sentence appropriate for killing someone. The actual sentence to determined by the Judge. Just a fine sends out the wrong message. 

The Hunts Post St Neots - 17/02/2010 digital edition

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