Tuesday, February 23, 2010

ECC running into problems already?

I've come into a little bit of information about the use of the Eatons Community Centre. I should remind St Neots Town Council and The Town Mayor Cllr Gordon Thorpe (also a District Councillor, member of the Development Management Panel and Deputy Leader of the Liberal Democrats on HDC) that licensing law is different from planning law. The licensed hours for all licensed activities is not paramount to planning law. These only differ on Friday night where licensing adds an extra hour to midnight. Whilst the Town Council could get a Temporary Events Notice (TEN) this would still be breaking the planning conditions.
The planning hours are:
These hours are restricted to preserve the amenity of surrounding residents.

The basic problem is it is a far too bigger building for the site in amongst the housing. The Planning conditions and licensing laws aren't very well known by the public.

In its own literature the Town Council doesn't provide the opening hours. I wonder if the Town Council is deliberately ignoring the planning conditions?

With no one taking on the specially built pre-school area and only 5 local groups renting the place it is going to be a bad time at the ECC.

Further information is here:
Minutes of the meeting.
Decision letter.
Planning list of documents
Licensing Hours

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