Monday, February 1, 2010

Town Council meeting 3/2/10

I see from the agenda for this meeting there are a few items of interest. These are:

Items 7 and 8 deal with a resignation from the Planning and the Grants Committees. Don't know who has resigned.

Item 11 deals with the following:

"Notification of Tax
To approve signage of HM Revenue and Custom form on notification of an option to tax land and buildings for the Eatons Community Centre and that the Responsible Finance Officer give authority to act on the Town Council behalf."

They are getting hit for rates.

Item 12 deals with the following:

"Eatons Community Centre Pre-School
The Acting Town CIerk to update members on the current situation and for members to consider the options for this facility."

Probably means there are no tenants for the pre-school. Wait to see on this one.

Under Part 2 - In secret.

Item 16. Staff Structure Report. Finally, decisions can be taken on the future shape of the Town Council. Does this mean SNTC will finally get a Town Clerk?

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