Monday, February 22, 2010

Djanogly fights? for improved Broadband services

I've just been reading the latest press release from our MP. It is entitled "Djanogly FIGHTS for improved broadband services." So I thought I would find out what is meant by "FIGHTS".

I read through the press release to find seems to mean Djanogly wrote to the Parish Councils. Obviously these councils know what Broadband services are needed for their areas?! Apart for attacking the Labour government tax on phone lines and promoting the Conservatives' proposals there is nothing in this press release about "FIGHTS".

I would expect a FIGHT if Djanogly is writing to the telcos demanding better services. Campaign by using Petitions and/or a letter writing campaign. As part of any campaign I would have expected Djanogly to ask his rural constituents through a proper survey. It is not as though he hasn't got a Communications Allowance for this. Indeed Djanogly has spent £2867.47 on the winter edition of his newsletter that I haven't seen yet. Winter will soon be over.

If fighting for constituents just means a survey of Parish Councils I dispute the use of the term "FIGHTS".

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