Sunday, February 21, 2010

The St Neots Gnomes Nominations 2010

Welcome to the St Neots Gnomes

The first ever political awards will be made for the St Neots Gnome awards. The nominations have been made in the following categories:

Best Local Newspaper: 1. News and Crier 2. Hunts Post.

Best MP: No Nomination received.

Best Town Councillor: 1. Steve van de Kerkhove. 2. Barry Chapman

Best District Councillor: 1. Cllr Gordon Thorpe 2. Cllr Andrew Gilbert

Best Political Scandal: 1. St Neots Town Council First Damning Report. 2. Jonathan Djanogly paying back £25,000. 3. St Neots Town Council Second Damning Report

Best County Councillor: 1. Catherine Hutton. 2. Ken Churchill

Best Council Communication: 1. St Neots Town Council. 2. Huntingdon District Council. 3. Cambridgeshire County Council.

Special Award Nominations:

For wasting money: 1. HDC on spending £573,000 doing up toilets and then closing them down. 2. Spending £2,800 on leaflets about Djanogly from Parliamentary expenses that have yet to be delivered.

Local website award: 1. St Neots Conservatives 2. St Neots Liberal Democrats.

For not resigning after a scandal: 1. Jonathan Djanogly for his expenses. 2. Cllr Derek Giles for two damning reports by external auditors.

Local Council websites: 1. St Neots Town Council  2. Huntingdonshire District Council

Best Local election leaflet during 2009 local elections: 1. Conservatives  2. Liberal Democrats

The awards will be held on 7th March 2010.

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