Thursday, February 25, 2010

Letters in the Hunts Post 24/02/10

These are my comments on some of the letters in this weeks Hunts Post.
Katie Hart was sentenced to 21 months and serve half in prison. This sentence came through before the letters were written

Editorial Comment - It is very easy to call for changes but what changes are appropriate? This Editorial misses out. Something must be done but we don't know what!

Equal Treatment -  I feel Phillip Appleby and Terry Lovett are wrong. In this case the blame is with the driver. Trying to move the blame to another party isn't right. There must personal responsibility over your actions/inactions. Instead of blaming cyclists and mixing fast traffic with cyclists what about the duty of care of road users to other road users.

Closing the public toilets is madness - Just to show this isn't just in St Neots, residents across Huntingdonshire are complaining that Conservative run HDC is closing the public conveniences. In E Roberts letter he says:

"Councillors should think of the public and not themselves and the brownie points they get from their bosses".

Er...The bosses of the Councillors are those who elect them - the electors. I don't understand this point. Though having read letters from former councillor P Dakers it could mean the Council Officers. There seems to be an illusion that local councillors are controlled by their party central offices. This is not the case.

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