Saturday, October 16, 2010

Chance to shadow Djanogly for a day

St Neots News and Crier - 14/10/2010

There is a chance to shadow Jonathan Djanogly for a day as an MP. I hope the two individuals actually do a diary for the day to let the rest of the population know what he gets up too.
Watch it though. After Djanogly visited Lola Cars, 29 employees lost their jobs and HCCA got £3,000. So Djanogly may lose you your job and could look for a donation to the Conservatives.

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verntern said...

Your site is superb for your local and critical viewpoint of what is not transparent in the decisions made about what is good for us! Not only for St Neots but for the constituency of Huntingdon(shire). I note the political bias of the Hunts Post and then turn to your site to turn fiction into reality. Please continue and thank you. Vernon Turner