Sunday, October 10, 2010

What about us? - Letter in Hunts Post

Why does The Hunts Post publish letters from the ignorant of St Neots. Is it because the rest of Huntingdonshire can therefore have a laugh at the residents of St Neots? Time and again St Neots residents write in to show their ignorance of the pure facts.

Fact: St Neots Parish is larger than Huntingdon Parish by size and the number of residents.

Killer Fact: The Huntingdon conurbation is roughly 65,000 in population whilst St Neots has a population of roughly 30,000.

It is the killer fact that means the Huntingdon gets far more in services than St Neots. Blaming what is wrong in St Neots by keep quoting the wrong fact misses the whole point. Instead of looking for what is right for St Neots, residents end up looking at Huntingdon and trying to make St Neots the clone of Huntingdon.

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