Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Ignorance is bliss for St Neots Conservatives

In a letter from Conservative Cllr Mandy Thomas, in the every excellent News and Crier, the District Councillor shows her ignorance in both politics and maths. I'm no fan of the Liberal Democrat run St Neots Town Council. There is plenty to attack the Liberal Democrat over their running of the Town Council. Mandy misses these issues.

Mandy writes: "..would rather commission reports and steering groups to investigate ideas and possibilities". Where is the evidence? Mandy is not a Town Councillor so how does she know what is going on? The charge of commissioning reports and steering groups (read working groups) is something that should be levelled at Conservative run HDC rather than SNTC.

Mandy rants on: "The Liberal Democrats seem more interested in raising tax - Conservative run HDC has looked at an increase of over 100% - spending thousands of pounds of public money on town plans - much to my dismay the Liberal Democrats cut funding to the Town Plan, so spent nothing - and establishing champions over which the Town has no jurisdiction - This is wrong. The Town Council has a Transport Champion. The Town Council has the power to:

Transport*establishment of car-sharing and taxi fare concession schemes; making grants for community bus services and bus services for the elderly or disabled; investigation of public transport, road and traffic provision and needs; provision of information about public transport services.

So Mandy, the Town Council has a champion over a policy area it has jurisdiction.

Mandy lies on with: "The electorate of St Neots were promised so much last May." Well Mandy, there were no Town Council election last May. I didn't see any promises about the Town Council at the General and District elections last May, nearly 6 months ago. "and nearly 10 months on" Mandy needs help with her maths "there has been absolutely no progress made." There wouldn't be Mandy, as no promises were made.

Mandy writes as part of the St Neots and District Conservative Forum. This seems to be yet another new grouping within HCCA. The previous group was the St Neots Conservative Councillors Group which made a splash and a mess. The Conservatives should be looking at their own local website which still headlines "Vote Conservative on 4th June 2009".

This is the first shot of the Conservative campaign for the Town Council as elections are due in May 2011. Where are the Conservative leaflets, up to date website and canvassing? This seems to be a Conservative campaign that will rely on writing letters to the newspapers rather than actual campaigning. Next time get your facts right!

This is a dismal start to the Conservative campaign. Pity, the Liberal Democrats really need to be dumped from the Town Council. If this is the level of Conservative candidates this may be out of the frying pan into this fire.

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