Friday, October 8, 2010

Let us pay much more tax - NOT

St Neots News and Crier - 07/10/2010
In the News and Crier there is an article entitled: "Survey says 'let us pay more tax'. These are the initial results of the survey conducted by HDC. The 40 pence a week extra or £20 a year would bring in roughly £1 million. Compare this with what the Conservatives wanted to hike the Council tax by - £2.6 million. So the people who were surveyed don't want to pay much more to cut the deficit. Nor do they want to raise Council Tax to the average District level of £164.

In the current budget the amount of Council Tax raised is £7.2 million. The Council has £7.6 million of unspecified cuts. This would mean Council Tax would have to rise by 105% to £14.8 million to wipe out the deficit. This would be an increase of £130. The survey responses are just £20.

Further in the article Cllr Bates chipped in with:
But this isn't true. The vast majority of the deficit was accumulated before the "national financial position" came into play. Of course the Conservatives just want to blame everyone else other than themselves.

As Cllr Downes says:
It is the Conservative administrations which got HDC into this mess. What Cllr Reeves is on about I simply don't know.

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