Friday, October 22, 2010

Town Council website down!

I see the Town Council website is down again. This happened last year at roughly the same time with the website reappearing in December. There was no notice of withdrawal of this service. Last time the site was down the Town Council actually put up a notice.

I wondered whether this was a result of not paying something. I looked up the owners of the domain and found the following:

Results for :
Registered For: St Neots Town Council
Domain Owner: St Neots Town Council
Registered By: GX Networks
Registrant Contact: Margaret Sharp Registrant Address: Council Offices St Neots Cambridgeshire PE19 2AB United Kingdom +44 148 038 8914 (Phone) +44 148 038 8914 (FAX)
Renewal date: Monday 17th Oct 2011  
Entry updated: Thursday 17th September 2009
Entry created: Monday 17th October 2005

The renewal date for the domain is in 2011. Another option is the fasthosts has dropped the site for one reason or another. The Town Council has said that it is changing the website soon. Maybe this is what is happening. So why no notice of this on the website?

Again the Liberal Democrat run Town Council falls short of basic expectations.

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