Wednesday, October 20, 2010

New Deputy Town Clerk appointed

After 1 year and 10 months the Town Council has finally appointed a Deputy Town Clerk. I understand this is a changed position from when the last Deputy Town Clerk was in place. This means that 2 years after the previous Town Clerk resigned the Town Council is getting the management it needs to get back on track.

That is 2 years the Liberal Democrats just simply wasted.

The Liberal Democrats seem more interested in having brand new robes for the robe-less Town Mayor than the management of the Town Council. There have been various excuses for not having a Deputy Town Clerk or even a Town Clerk (even on a temporary basis) but none of them really stand up to a bit of scrutiny.

Back to the new Deputy Town Clerk. I would like to know why the filling of this position has been so quiet? The name hasn't been publicised either in the press or on the Town Council website.
For all those interested the new Deputy Town Clerk is on about £25k per annum.

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