Thursday, October 7, 2010

Why are our Councillors so quiet?

Tom Sanderson is a Conservative Councillor for Huntingdon West. According to his Facebook site he regularly goes out door knocking to ensure he knows what his constituents views are.

This sort of campaigning impresses me. So why can a Councillor do this in Huntingdon and with St Neots being very marginal seats the Conservatives, Liberal Democrats, Labour, UKIP, Green and all those Independents who are going to stand leave St Neots alone?

And that is the problem in St Neots. The political parties just don't care enough about St Neots to do some proper campaigning in St Neots. That is to the detriment of St Neots. All we get is a political pantomime over car parking charges and some appearances in newspapers.

Since the General Election I haven't received one piece of political literature. Seeing the Town Council is up for grabs and 3 out of 4 District seats are marginal I would have thought the political parties would be out campaigning.

Looking at the local party websites there is not much there either. The Liberal Democrats have nothing on their St Neots page.
The Conservatives aren't much better!
The Conservative website for St Neots is stuck on 4th June 2009. That is just not good enough!

To all those who complain that Huntingdon gets everything and St Neots get nothing this is very much down to the representatives we elect to represent us: Demand More - Demand Better

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Save Hinchingbrooke Hospital said...

Funny how Mr Sanderson chooses who he visits.....doesn't come around here....still you can say what you want on the internet...but it can catch you out...