Sunday, October 24, 2010

St Ives is organising a Town Plan - So why is St Neots left behind?

St Ives Town Council is looking to shape their community for the future through a Town Plan. So why hasn't St Neots got a Town Plan to shape the future of our Town? The simple answer is we could have had a proper Town Plan, but the Liberal Democrats dumped this Town Plan idea when their budget fell apart.
The Town Council even put money aside. £30,000 was put aside and another £30,000 was forecast to be used to produce a proper Town Plan.
The Liberal Democrats Forward Plan informed the public that this was "essential" and would be a "bottom up" community based Town Plan. So what did the Liberal Democrats do with this Town Plan. Well, when the budget fell apart the Liberal Democrats dumped this idea. So not as "essential" as the Liberal Democrats claimed.
This was decided at the fateful 21/01/2009 Council Meeting where the Liberal Democrats inability to manage the finances came home to roost.

The only reason the St Neots hasn't got an "essential" Town Plan is because Cllrs Giles and Thorpe dumped the plan to start to dig themselves out of the mess they found themselves in. This was done with no other announcement and has never been acknowledged in the future Forward Plans. This is Liberal Democrat run Government all over. Build us up with promises and then silence as the cuts rain down.

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