Sunday, October 31, 2010

Eversholt has an open air swimming pool. Why not St Neots?

Whilst researching the last article about the St Neots Swimming Pool Trust I came across another Swimming Pool Trust. This one is at the village of Eversholt - population 420. Like SNSPT this swimming pool is run by a charity. Unlike the SNSPT this is run by residents rather than Councillors.

The other major difference is: The Eversholt charity got their accounts/annual reports in on time. Unlike the SNSPT, where the Town Council runs the administration, and the accounts/annual reports are invariably late.

In the accounts the Eversholt pool doesn't rely on public subsidy. It relies on raising the money itself.

A basic outdoor swimming pool isn't out of reach of the SNSPT/Town Council. The best idea is to attach an open air swimming pool to a new community facility on the new development.

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