Friday, October 29, 2010

Is HSE prosecuting the Town Council?

Is the Christmas lights incident going to court? I see this from the latest release of documents on the updated Town Council website that there was a Council Meeting on 13th September 2010. This meeting was about one item.
This is not very informative. So I looked up Sally Roff and Ducan Reed. I couldn't find anything about on Ducan Reed. There is a Sally Roff at Beachcroft Solicitors. There is an interesting biography.
With two solicitors on the case, I just wonder how much this is going to cost the St Neots Council Taxpayer?

What is disturbing is I didn't see this meeting being advertised. The minutes weren't even on the Council Meeting on 30th September 2010.

The Town Council can produce the minutes from the useless Planning Committee on 23/9/10 but could not produce the minutes for the Council meeting on 16/9/10 that says it is taking legal advice.

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