Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Who is correct? News and Crier or Hunts Post

I was reading an article on the Hunts Post website about their take on the survey. In the News and Crier edition they said it was a 40 pence a week increase which is roughly a £1 million. In the Hunts Post this was raised to 84 pence a week or an extra £44 a year. This equates to roughly £2.3 million a year.

So who is right? News and Crier with 40 pence or Hunts Post with 84 pence. I don't know because HDC is only briefing the newspapers. During this week is democracy day but HDC itself is totally silent over these official briefings to the newspapers.

This is a problem. If HDC is being "open" with the public, why haven't the results of this consultation already been published? Democracy, accountability and Freedom of Information are all about making information public.

Time and gain the Conservative run HDC is secret and behind the times. As an aside, Councils are supposed to publish payments £500 and over. Has HDC been able to complete this process? Others have!

Isn't it time that HDC residents and Council Taxpayer were treated with respect. It is us who pays the Council Tax, not Hunts Post or News and Crier, but they are treated far better than those who pay the bills.

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Justin said...

isnt it roughly the same percentage though?