Monday, February 7, 2011

Andrew Monk - UKIP - Not attending meetings

As I said a year ago, Andrew Monk, representing Ramsey, is a political tramp who is now turning up for the minimum. Andrew was elected as a Conservative in Ramsey only to go Independent and then join with Peter Reeve to make the UKIP group. As with Mandy Thomas, Andrew shows little inclination to do much for his pay than the legal minimum. His last Council meeting was 3/11/10. As his term ends on 5/5/11 he will no longer be a Councillor on 3/5/11 two days before the local elections.
Andy was UKIP Parliamentary for South East Cambridgeshire. On a Youtube vid at about 1 minute 50 seconds in Andy is caught saying UKIP wants to get the best value from your local councils.

Obviously not. As Andy seems to have no intention of turning up to another meeting why the hell are council taxpayers still paying his allowances. If Andy resigned now that would be best value for the council taxpayer!

Maybe this seat will turn to the Conservatives once Andrews attendance record is displayed for everyone to see.

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