Monday, February 14, 2011

Mandy misses another meeting

Will the Conservatives ever get rid of Mandy Thomas? Mandy was supposed to be at a meeting of the Economic Well-being OSP on 10th February 2011 and didn't turn up. Another month, another pay cheque (£366.67 gross) This isn't right. The Conservatives are holding onto this seat in Eaton Socon with someone who isn't coming to meetings and is elected to May 2012. Another £4,235 (new lesser rate from 18th may 2011) wasted on Mandy.

Is this good use of council taxpayer money? Mandy could stand down right now and a by-election could be fought on the same day as other elections on 5th may 2011. The Liberal Democrats would be stupid not to use Mandy's appalling attendance record. Andy Jennings, the Conservative candidate, must be frothing at the mouth at Mandy's non attendance and this gift to the Liberal Democrats.


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Tech Blogger said...

As a matter of interest.

What was the attendance of Cllr Giles compared with that of Cllr Thomas.

She clearly states "On 1st may you can choose between another four years of a failed Cllt Giles or giving me the opportunity to work hard for you."