Monday, February 21, 2011

Shady dealings on Open Space

On the Turnstone Estates plans for the proposed cinema all of this open space will be turned into a car park. Where is the consultation over this?

The last consultation I can find is in the Best Value report 2006/07 where 2 adults, not even identified from the area, decided policy on whether to keep the open space or not. Is this St Neots Town Council consulting with residents!  Has St Neots Town Council actually consulted residents over the removal of the whole Open Space. The Town Council even went as so far as to change the Key Objectives in its own Forward Plan. Version 3 says:
The word protect was changed to enhance in the new version 4 of the plan. It now says:
Because the Town Council was going to get rid of some of the site PROTECT was not the right word. This has now changed to enhance. How is making a green space a car park enhance it?

When were the public consulted over the current version of the Forward Plan?

I feel this is very apt:

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