Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Whining in the press isn't going to stop the cinema!

I see that Jo Samuels and D. Sutton both of East Street have letters in the papers over the cinema project and the green space the Town Council want to turn into a car park. Great to get letters in but is that it. Whining in the press won't do much good. Cllr Chapman is criticised by Jo Samuels:
What residents need to do is take action. Lobby your Councillors, Cabinet and each Council. Stand for election. It only takes two signatures to stand for Town Council. Collect evidence to back up your objections to the eventual plans. Do nothing and the plans will go through.

Another avenue is to write and protest to Cineworld who will run this Rowley carbuncle.

I've been saying on this blog that a cinema couldn't fit into the area proposed. Turnstone Estates proposals show they have to put in a much larger building. If all the residents are going to do is write a few letters on to the papers this will go through. It is up to the residents to object with evidence to back up your objections.

The interesting part is Barry Chapman knew something was afoot back in August 2010. This was a Facebook entry:

Barry already knew Huntingdon Street entrance was going to be used. He should have worked out the vehicles would therefore be driving behind the fences of the houses backing onto the development when canvassing in May 2010.

Both the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats back this project. Both the Town Council and District Council have interests in this going ahead. Only the residents are left to speak up for themselves. So they had better get organised!

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