Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Mixed results for the Neighbourhood Forums

The on going Neighbourhood Forums are still not attracting the public. I've done a little exercise to see how the attendances are doing one year on from their general start. Neighbourhood Forums are important part

Huntingdon Area
13th January 2010 - 45
12th January 2011 - 26  -19

North West Hunts
20th January 2010 - 32
19th January 2011 - 30  -2

19th January 2010 - 36
18th January 2011 - No data as no minutes currently published.

St Ives
6th January 2010 - 38
5th January 2011 - 39  +1

St Neots
26th January 2010 - 45
25th January 2011 - 57 +12

The minutes of the St Neots meeting are here.

Yet again mixed results. St Neots has certainly increased because of the Wind Farm issue. Whether this increase will continue I'll have to wait and see. These are still poor numbers compared to the population of 169,000. When you take off all the officials and councillors attending this meeting this is still a paltry attendance.

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