Saturday, February 5, 2011

Mandy and her council computer?

District Councillor Mandy Thomas who hasn't turned up to a meeting of the HDC for over 6 months is entitled to a computer, according to the HDC constitution.
I have to wonder whether Mandy took up the computer and other equipment. Not only is Mandy being paid for sitting at home, Mandy can browse the internet with a council computer.

Whilst rumour has it that pressure is being put on Mandy to resign, Mandy doesn't have too and can make here regular 5 monthly visits to a meeting of HDC and, apparently, the St Neots Town Centre Initiative to keep those council taxpayer wages coming in.

The other Eaton Socon seat is up for grabs in the local elections on 5th May 2011. Andy Jennings must be frothing at the mouth because may not win when the Liberal Democrats go to town on Mandy's non attendance.

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Julia said...

I find it remarkable that despite HDC cuts, councillors still get all these freebies. Candidates who want to be contactable almost certainly have their own already; those that don't presumably choose to manage without.

If I were elected to HDC I'd certainly refuse all these goodies and use my own as a matter of principle.