Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Article on the swimming pool in Hunts Post

The Hunts Post St Neots - 09/02/2011 digital edition

The Hunts Post has a very good large article on the future of the outdoor swimming pool. There is not guarantee that this will go ahead. Until the money is in the bank (trust deed says half the money has to go to HDC) and all disputes are resolved the Town Council/SNSPT don't know what to do.

The original way of funding the swimming pool was a mixture of public funding and local fundraising. All coming together to achieve an aim for the Town. Now we rely on the Town Council/SNSPT to get their acts together to provide a facility in Riversmead. This is not a good location.

Priory Park would be a good location to put this facility. With the Town Council looking to give up land at Shady Walk so why not in Priory Park? 

What Paul Davis, Friends of Priory Park, misses is the swimming pool land has already been the subject of a Development brief which allowed encroachment of Priory Park. Putting a care home on the site would therefore be easy, in outline. Putting a new swimming pool on the site is not financially viable. The money needing to be raised is large and will effectively stop this development in its tracks.

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