Monday, February 7, 2011

Leopards can't change their spots.....

......and the St Neots Swimming Pool Trust accounts/annual report are always late!
The St Neots Swimming Pool Trust is run by the Town Council although the Town Council insists it is separate. The Town Council run the administration and charges the Trust for the privilege. The contact address is in the same building. The Town Council charges for grass cutting. All the Trustees are Town Councillors. The Town Council is the custodian trustee.

The reporting limit for accounts has been raised to £25,000 of Income. This means the Town Council/SNSPT  doesn't need to provide accounts to the Charity Commission going on income levels from previous years. What does the Town Council/SNSPT need to inform the Charity Commission?

The Annual Return asks for Income and Expenditure totals, the details of Trustees and the details of the Trust. Pretty simple and can be doe online. No accounts are submitted.
Yet again, the St Neots Swimming Pool Trust has failed to get official documents in on time! This is the same Trust that is supposed to be trusted in getting an open air swimming pool for St Neots. Hardly likely!

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