Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Eric Pickles says: People should be able to video Council Meetings

Eric Pickles, Communities Secretary at the DCLG has said:

"Councils should open up their public meetings to local news ‘bloggers’ and routinely allow online filming of public discussions as part of increasing their transparency."

What do our local councils say on this matter?

The standing orders of HDC say:

The standing orders of St Neots Town Council say:
Time to get into the 21st Century with this. Why can't an ordinary member of the public video or audio record what is going on at both Council and Committee meetings? The key to local democracy is the ability to report what is going on. It is called transparency. These are our Councils. We pay for them. In recent articles in the press HDC has mounted a campaign to get all those who haven't paid their Council Tax. This could eventually mean prison.

The rigmarole each Council has set up is wrong. The public should be able to record and video what is going on at open council or committee. It is called transparency. Something both councils shy away from. 

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